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CONCOURS ITRF / Session 2018

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Postes contractuels ISITE-BFC / Contract positions ISITE-BFC

Post-Doctoral Position

Expected date
of recrutment

Post-Doc Research Engineer: Fabrication and characterization of Nonlinear Titanium Dioxide waveguides 02/01/2019
Post-Doc Geomicrobiology of Modern and Ancient Microbialites 03/09/2018
Postdoctoral Researcher, Antibodies production 03/09/2018
 Post-Doc Research Position in Security and Robustness Testing  01/09/2018
Post-Doc Study of the intracellular and extracellular function of HSP110 in colorectal cancer 01/09/2018
Project NC-Geometric methods 01/09/2018

Post-Doc Research Engineer in Fibre Source Development


Structure, function and role of Nitric oxide synthases in algal responses to environmental stresses

Postdoc Scholarship in deep learning for automatic detection of the myocardial borders on DE-MRI 01/10/2018
Post-doc in complex networks analysis / theoretical physics 01/10/2018
Post doc in Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience 01/11/2018
Postdoctoral Researcher in Physics: Nonlinear wave propagation in multimode optical fibers
PhD position Expected date
of recrutment
PhD – Understanding the brain representation of food to reduce levels of salt and sugar with aroma: Quantitative study of brain responses to food with EEG and fMRI in normal weight and obese populations 01/11/2018
PhD Researcher in Chemistry: “Structure and self-assembly of molecular clusters in the solution phase” 01/10/2018
 PhD Thesis Intraseasonal Descriptors of the Rainy Seasons in Southern Africa: Observations and Meso-Scale Modeling 01/10/2018
PhD Theory, model and approaches to the design of smart products/systems by using 4D printing technology and programmable materials 01/10/2018
PhD Scholarship in deep learning for automatic detection and quantification of the disease areas of the myocardium from DE-MRI after myocardial infarction 01/10/2018
PhD Elaboration of functional regenerators with very high loaded MagnetoCaloric (MC) powders by different polymer processing and metallurgy processes 01/10/2018
 PhD Multi-physics approach for the optimal design of innovative MagnetoCaloric (MC) regenerators 01/10/2018
Thesis in Physics Spatiotemporal nonlinear dynamics and wave turbulence in multimode fibers 01/10/2018
Thesis in Organometallic Catalysis 01/10/2018
 Ph.D. Student in Cognitive Psychology and/or Neural Networks 01/10/2018
 PhD Position in Machine Learning 01/10/2018
 Student in Fibre Source Development 01/10/2018
 PhD – Understanding supply chain organization of local food systems and measuring food flows to cities. A Franco-Vietnamese comparative study in vegetable sector. 01/11/2018
PhD position in analytical/wine chemistry 07/01/2019