Consultez ici les offres d’emploi proposées régulièrement par la COMUE UBFC pour rejoindre notre équipe.


IGR Directeur(ice) de l’ATP-BFC >>> profil de poste

Technicien Informatique >>> profil de poste

Coordonnateur administratif et financier du projet RITM >>> profil de poste
IGE Informatique >>> profil de poste

Project Manager « EIPHI » >>> profil de poste

Deputy Project Manager « EIPHI » >>> profil de poste



IGE Informatique >>> profil de poste

Assistant-e chargé-e du suivi de la formation et de la recherche (ASI) >>> profil de poste


CONCOURS ITRF / Session 2018

ASI Assitant-e Communication >>> profil de poste

ASI Senior Communication Assistant >>> job profile



Juriste >>> profil de poste



Femto-St : Post doc position – Development of a microdevice integrating an acoustic biosensor to explore primary haemostasis >>> profil de poste (anglais)

Écoles Doctorales SHS : Un(e) adjoint(e) administratif des 3 Écoles Doctorales SHS  >>> profil de poste


Postes contractuels ISITE-BFC / Contract positions ISITE-BFC

Post-Doctoral Position

Expected date
of recrutment

Post-Doc Study of the intracellular and extracellular function of HSP110 in colorectal cancer 01/09/2018
Project NC-Geometric methods 01/09/2018
Structure, function and role of Nitric oxide synthases in algal responses to environmental stresses 01/09/2018
Post-doc in complex networks analysis / theoretical physics 01/10/2018
Post doc in Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience 01/11/2018
PhD position Expected date
of recrutment
 PhD Thesis Intraseasonal Descriptors of the Rainy Seasons in Southern Africa: Observations and Meso-Scale Modeling 15/06/2018
PhD Theory, model and approaches to the design of smart products/systems by using 4D printing technology and programmable materials 25/06/2018
PhD Scholarship in deep learning for automatic detection and quantification of the disease areas of the myocardium from DE-MRI after myocardial infarction 30/06/2018
PhD Elaboration of functional regenerators with very high loaded MagnetoCaloric (MC) powders by different polymer processing and metallurgy processes 01/09/2018
 PhD Multi-physics approach for the optimal design of innovative MagnetoCaloric (MC) regenerators 01/09/2018
Thesis in Physics Spatiotemporal nonlinear dynamics and wave turbulence in multimode fibers 01/09/2018
Thesis in Organometallic Catalysis 01/10/2018
 Ph.D. Student in Cognitive Psychology and/or Neural Networks 01/10/2018