INTHERAPI Graduate School - COMUE Université Bourgogne-Franche-Comté

INTHERAPI Graduate School

A Graduate school, for more continuity between the MSc and the PhD.

Université Bourgogne Franche-Comté provides an integrated international MSc-PhD program, entitled INTHERAPI for “Innovative Therapies, Pharmaco-Imaging and Multimodal-Imaging”.

Our internationally recognized laboratories: LNC, RIGHT, ICMUB, IMVIA, as well as their partners have joined forces around the Labex LipStic, the Equipex IMAPI and the MiMedI project, to create a highly competitive environment, with strong international visibility and at the cutting edge of Life Sciences, Health and Technology, intended for PhD and MSc students in these fields, from all over the world.INTHERAPI Graduate School thus intends to become the research-training base of the ISITE-BFC Axis 3 on “Individualized and Integrated Care”. In this dynamic, five other laboratories -or teams- are integrated within INTHERAPI (CSGA, ICB, LIIC, PEPITE and UTINAM), as well as our two regional CIC.

INTHERAPI aims to implement modular and multidisciplinary training programs, at the Master and PhD levels, in an international collaborative environment, providing each student with the opportunity to build a tailor-made curriculum leading to a personalized degree with high added value. It will supply companies and research laboratories with innovative solutions -drugs, bioactive substances, nanovectors, etc.- in the field of Innovative Therapies and Pharmaco-Imaging, with increased specificity for target tissues and reduced overall toxicity, and will thus meet tomorrow’s major societal issues: personalized medicine, targeted therapies, innovation for intelligent specialization. These societal challenges are in line with the objectives set by the European Union and the European pharmaceutical industry and “The Pharmaceutical Companies” (‘Les entreprises du médicament’: ‘LEEM’).
Four fields of study contribute to the implementation of these innovative solutions: Cancer immunotherapy, Targeted therapies in inflammation, Bioactive substances vectorization, Pharmaco-imaging and multimodal imaging, with the overall objective of positioning BFC as a key player in Europe in the field of precision medicine.

The 7 Masters, the three Doctoral Schools, the INTHERAPI laboratories and the associated institutions (INSERM, CNRS, INRA, AgroSup Dijon, the two university hospitals, the CGFL, the EFS) are spread over the sites of Dijon and Besançon in Bourgogne Franche Comté: the best  opportunity ever to discover a whole region and its culture.

Director of the INTHERAPI graduate school : Michel NARCE
Deputy Director : Yann GODET
Project Manager : Matthieu SALA

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