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EIPHI Graduate school

A graduate school, for more continuity between the master’s degree and the doctorate.

University of Bourgogne Franche-Comté provides a new international integrated MSc/PhD program called EIPHI standing for “Engineering and Innovation through Physical Sciences, High-technologies, and cross-dIsciplinary research”.

Our world-renowned laboratories, FEMTO-ST, ICB, IMB and their partners, have decided to join forces to create a highly competitive environment, with strong international visibility and at the cutting edge of science and technology, for PhD and MSc students from all over the world. EIPHI Graduate School is thus intended to become the research and training base of ISITE-BFC’s Axis 1 on ‘Advanced Materials, Waves and Smart Systems’. As part of this opening-up process, four other laboratories and their Master’s programs are being integrated into EIPHI (ICMUB, ImVIA, LMB and UTINAM).

EIPHI Graduate School provides an innovative, high-level Master’s degree program that is both highly integrative and connected to a leading European and international collaborative environment in five fields of study:

  • Physics, Mathematics, Applications
  • Smart system’s and structures
  • Energy
  • Material Science
  • Computer Science

These five areas contribute to the implementation of a global, highly multidisciplinary approach to training and research activities within the laboratories, based on a systemic program focused on the design, management and integration of adaptive, complex, multi-physical and multi-scale systems for monitoring in the broadest sense of the term, from industrial objects to the human body, including artificial intelligence and programmable matter. Linked to the socioeconomic environment in several fields of application, this program aims to address major societal issues in health, environment and sustainable development, energy transition, mobility, new processes and eco-responsible digital infrastructures, safety and security, etc.

EIPHI’s 14 Master’s degrees, two doctoral schools, laboratories and faculties are spread over 4 sites in Bourgogne Franche-Comté, the best opportunity ever to discover a whole region and its culture.

Director of EIPHI Graduate school: Hervé MAILLOTTE
Deputy director: Gérard COLAS DES FRANCS
Project Manager: Frédéric PENEAU

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