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Becoming an international reference in three areas of excellence

Results of the 3rd ISITE-BFC call for projects
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The ISITE-BFC project is leading the university and higher-education community toward multidisciplinary approaches strongly connected to the industrial challenges of the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region. Although the label is not perpetuated, some of the initiated projects will continue until 2023.

Led by UBFC, the “ISITE-BFC” project (for French “Initiatives Science Innovation Territoire Economie en Bourgogne-Franche-Comté”) was laureate of the Investment for the Futur Program (“Programme d’Investissements d’Avenir“) in 2016. It aims to create a stimulating and attracting international environment for talented students and researchers from around the world.

This project simultaneously aims to provide the inhabitants of Bourgogne-Franche-Comté with access to knowledge, cultures and international exchanges, as well as to initial and continuing training, opening up job opportunities in a competitive market.

ISITE-BFC focuses on three main areas of excellence:

1st Axis

Advanced materials, waves and smart systems

Photo Credits: Ludovic Godard

Advanced materials, smart systems and clean energy
Neuromorphic photonic  computation
Programmable matter

Michaël Gauthier, CNRS

2nd Axis

Territories, Environment, Food

Socio-ecological and food transitions
Innovation in agriculture and in the agri-food industry
Territorial management strategies

Bertrand Schmitt, INRAE

3rd Axis

Comprehensive individual care

Photo Credits: Ludovic Godard

Innovative treatments for chronic and inflammatory diseases
Human expertise sciences
Integrated and patient-centered care

Olivier Micheau, Inserm
David Masson, uB

ISITE-BFC consortium

The ISITE-BFC project consortium consists of 15 partners:

Steering Committee

François Roche-Bruyn – Agrosup Dijon

Patrick Lointier – CEA

Xavier Bertrand – CHU Besançon

Hugues Daussy – UFC

Eric Simon – INSERM

Fabien Thomas – CNRS

Christophe Besiers – EFS

Charles Coutant – CGFL

Nathalie Munier-Jolain – INRAE

Morvan Ouisse – ENSMM

Guillaume Biot-Paquerot – BSB

Alain Bonnin – CHU Dijon

Guillaume Fromentin – ENSAM

Vincent Hilaire – UTBM

Pascal Neige – uB

ISITE-BFC coordinator

ISITE-BFC assistant coordinator
Maxime Jacquot – UBFC

UBFC representative
Dominique Grevey – UBFC President

Axis coordinators
Michael Gauthier – 1st Axis – FEMTO-ST
Bertrand Schmitt – 2nd Axis – INRAE
Olivier Micheau – 3rd Axis – INSERM
David Masson – 3rd Axis – CHU Dijon

Bourgogne-Franche-Comté Region
Catherine Guey

Jean Guzzo

Other IFP (“PIA“) coordinators
Maxime Jacquot – SFRI
Philippe Saas – LipSTIC
Hervé Maillotte – EIPHI-BFC

ISITE-BFC Management Team (UBFC)
Elodie Miguel
Antoine Perrier-Cornet
Marilyne Draps
Claire Sutter
Yevgenya Pashayan-Leroy

This project was strongly supported by the socio-economic world and all the local authorities of Bourgogne-Franche-Comté.

Contacts :
Alain Dereux
ISITE-BFC Project Coordinator

Maxime Jacquot
ISITE-BFC assistant coordinator