UBFC integrate: Graduate schools - COMUE Université Bourgogne-Franche-Comté

UBFC integrate: Graduate schools

A university research school, for greater continuity between the master’s and doctoral programs.

Université Bourgogne Franche-Comté offers an integrated international master’s-doctorate program, supported by world-renowned laboratory and research teams and their partners. UBFC thus creates a highly competitive, state-of-the-art environment for doctoral and master’s students in science from around the world.

Joining a UBFC Graduate School ensures that master’s students will be:

  • integrated into a research team from the very first day of the first year of the Master’s program
  • involved in a curriculum that is compatible with other international programs, that promotes interdisciplinarity and that integrates project-oriented teaching practices, while relying on openlabs and platforms
  • in direct contact with research teams, including doctoral students via tutoring
  • individually monitored (mentoring) to develop their professional network
  • supported for their international mobility project (internship, double degree, etc.)
  • ambassadors for their training: tutors for undergraduate students in their field of study
  • trained in social-economic issues through cross-disciplinary courses

It ensures that doctoral students will:

  • play an active role in a doctoral training program that is both enhanced and internationally oriented
  • be followed individually (mentoring) to develop their professional network
  • be supported for their international mobility project (European label, networking, etc.)

UBFC Integrate includes 3 graduate schools

EIPHI Graduate School

Physics, Mathematics, Applications / Intelligent Systems and Structures / Energy / Materials Science / Computer Science

TRANSBIO Graduate School

Social-ecological transition / Sustainable territories, complexity and transition processes / “Livelisystem” and environmental transformation processes, agro-ecology / Innovation within integrated food chains, production and behavior

INTHERAPI Graduate School

Individualized and integrated care / Health / Innovative intelligent systems technologies / Cognitive sciences / Humanities and social sciences