Literature, Communication, Languages, Arts (LCLA) doctoral school - COMUE Université Bourgogne Franche-Comté

Literature, Communication, Languages, Arts (LCLA) doctoral school

LCLA doctoral school was officially born on 1st January 2017. It hosts all “Bourgogne – Franche-Comté” PhD students in French / French-speaking classical and modern literature, foreign languages and literature, theater arts, and the sciences of language, information, and communication.

It gathers the TIL, CPTC, CIMEOS research units of the “Université de Bourgogne”, and the ELLIADD and CRIT research units of the “Université de Franche-Comté”. In 2016-2017, it hosted more than 200 PhD students supervised by more than 80 professors and HDR lecturers-researchers.

Doctoral specialties at LCLA doctoral school:

  • Ancient languages and literatures
  • Comparative literature
  • Computer science, algorithmics of languages
  • Educational sciences
  • Educational sciences – STAPS
  • English and Anglo-Saxon languages, literatures, and civilisations
  • French language and literature, francophone literature
  • Germanic languages, literatures, and civilisations
  • History of cultures
  • Musicology
  • Roman languages, literatures, and civilisations – Spanish, Italian
  • Sciences of information and communication
  • Sciences of language
  • Sciences of language – automated treatment of languages
  • Sciences of language – didactics of languages and cultures
  • Sciences of language – French as a foreign language / French as a second language

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