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ISITE-BFC master’s degree

UBFC’s master’s degree programs are one of the main pivots of the internationalization strategy. As such, ISITE-BFC financially supports 16 master’s degree programs, entirely taught in English.

These degree programs and their success reflect the UBFC community’s commitment to the internationalization goal and also are a unique example of the massive transformation of the teaching language in research-oriented master’s programs in France. They also facilitate the assignment of teaching loads to newly recruited international staff, regardless of their ability to speak French upon their arrival, thus enhancing UBFC’s attractiveness to talented international teacher-researchers.

ISITE-BFC pursues a strategy of training internationalization by promoting its masters programs internationally through various channels, including scholarships for talented foreign students or international cooperation agreements with universities around the world. In addition to increasing the attractiveness of the training offer, this strategy:

  • Promotes research cooperation,
  • Allows double international diplomas creation,
  • Promotes and boosts student mobility,
  • Is the basis for the international alliances development of doctoral schools.

Through the training policy driven by ISITE-BFC, UBFC contributes to boost, not only the RSE, but also the economy of the BFC region which can benefits from the favorable ground provided by the international partner universities links.

The academic year 2020-2021 counts 442 registered students. The international students percentage in these master’s programs has increased from 37% to 67% between 2017 and 2020. These students come from about 50 different countries.

List of master's degrees

1st AXIS
Advanced materials, waves and smart systems

2nd AXIS
Territories, environment, food

3rd AXIS
Comprehensive individual care


2nd &3rd AXIS
Territories, environment, food
Comprehensive individual care

Territories, environment, food