TRANSBIO Graduate School - COMUE Université Bourgogne-Franche-Comté

TRANSBIO Graduate School

An international MSc/PhD-integrated curriculum to promote changes towards sustainable use of resources and to protect biodiversity

Internationally recognized research departments from the University Bourgogne – Franche-Comté (UBFC) and their partners joined forces to create a highly dynamic and motivating research and teaching environment, with strong international visibility, at the cutting edge of science.

The MSc-PhD integrated curriculum of TRANSBIO Graduate School trains students with multidisciplinary concepts and tools in the fields of agriculture, agronomy, alimentation, ecology, economy, environmental studies, geology and geography, tackling all levels of biological organization (from molecules to ecosystems), at various temporal and spatial scales.

Thanks to a unique combination of research departments and Masters, TRANSBIO Graduate School trains scientific leaders, managers and policy officers for academic or non-academic, public or private jobs addressing national and international engagements for the sustainable use of resources and the protection of the biodiversity.

TRANSBIO Graduate School provides an innovative, high-level Master’s degree program that is both highly integrative and connected to a leading European and international collaborative environment in three fields of study:

  • Past and current anthropogenic impacts on socio-ecosystems
  • Sustainable agri food systems and use of resources
  • Social, economic and politic strategies for sustainable territories

Director of the Graduate School TRANSBIO: Renaud SCHEIFLER
Deputy Director: Laurent BENEY
Project Manager: Rafael DE CAMARGO

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