Research projects - COMUE Université Bourgogne-Franche-Comté

Research projects

UBFC supports novel, ambitious research projects

UBFC organises scientific fields around specific themes. It works hard to reach an indispensable complementarity between the development of specific knowledge within each field and the development of multi- and inter-disciplinary works, so that societal challenges can be met through these projects. The cross-cutting themes of ISITE-BFC can also be at the origin of identifier themes of Bourgogne-Franche-Comté.

UBFC objectives

The main objectives of UBFC throughout the contract are as follows:

  • design a research strategy at the federal scale while fine-tuning the specialisation strategy(ies) of each UBFC site
  • oversee UBFC research activities
  • draw a map of themes
  • identify synergies possibly leading to restructuring to increase the coherence and the synergy of UBFC research activities
  • highlight new strong points – disciplinary ones and interdisciplinary ones, good identifiers of the site –, e.g. through projects at the interfaces of ISITE-BFC themes
  • define shared standards and practices at the scale of all UBFC sites for the recruitment of research staff (lecturers-researchers, PhD students, researchers under contract); the recruitment of non-permanent staff by UBFC for projects overseen by UBFC will more particularly be organised by publishing job offers on the international websites of the related fields, in agreement with international standards
  • standardise the management practices of UBFC laboratories to meet national standards
  • design a grid of key indicators for laboratories, filled every year and compatible with the grids of research organisations.

UBFC got structured into thematic poles to make research themes more understandable.

These poles play multiple roles as regards strategy and foresight, the terms and conditions of recruitment (research profiles of lecturer-researcher positions targeted to priority ISITE-BFC domains), quality monitoring, partnerships with the economic sector, and international development. UBFC mapped its research units, which can be accessed from the “laboratory mapping” tab of this website.