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Personal development – TalentCampus

TalentCampus offers innovative training to help undergraduate, master’s degree and PhD students, but also researchers and staff, valorise their soft skills such as emotional intelligence, self-confidence, creativity, cooperation, stress management, communication, the feeling of personal efficacy, etc.

These courses are free of charge for all students.

TalentCampus is implementing a program of innovative training carried by UBFC, certified by the French State in 2012, as part of the “Excellence Initiatives in Innovative Training” (“Initiatives d’Excellence en Formations Innovantes”, IDEFI).

Taught by contributors with recognised experience, the courses rely on active teaching and role-playing. The objective is to make each person acquire or develop social skills, but also thorough, in-depth knowledge of their strengths, talents and assets so that they can make good use of them.

Training sessions take place in groups. Diverse social, generational and disciplinary horizons are targeted, as an overall driver of learning. Diversity within groups favours rich interactions and efficient training.

Designed to provide cross-training and open onto new prospects, the training courses are in free access at Dijon or Besançon campuses during the school holiday periods.

The sessions take on different formats:

  • The Talent Course allows participants to bring their talents to light by developing their capacity to speak in public, their self-confidence, or their collective intelligence.

It lasts 3 to 5 days, and combines face-to-face and online learning.

  • Supplementary theme courses address stress management, conflict management, management of emotions, self-assertion, etc.

TalentCampus also offers training courses to teaching staff on request, about topics such as dropping out, entrepreneurship, or the setting-up of first-day kick-offs for incoming students.

TalentCampus is recognised in the field of educational sciences, as testified by the following prizes:

  • 2012: IDEFI certification, by an international jury
  • 2014: “formation – insertion” grand prize of the Business/Academia Meetings (“Rencontres Universités Entreprises”, Paris)
  • 2018: special prize of the PEPS (“Passion Enseignement et Pédagogie dans le Supérieur”) jury.

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