Culture - COMUE Université Bourgogne Franche-Comté


UBFC institutes and student associations propose cultural events in all campuses and sites round the year.

In Besançon

In Dijon

The place is located on the “Bouloie” campus. It is dedicated to the discovery of sciences and research “in the making”. The team works in tight collaboration with Université de Franche-Comté researchers to propose recreational and interactive exhibitions and events accessible to all.

The salle Jenny of Héricourt (Crous BFC) and the Maison des étudiants (UFC) of Besançon can host student associations for rehearsals, workshops (drama, dance, music, etc.) and events (concerts, festivals, outcomes of student projects funded by the university and the Crous).

Theme nights organised by the office of student life and managed by student associations take place at the Maison des étudiants on a regular basis.

The 14.101 is a place dedicated to creation and rehearsals, located above the Petit Théâtre de la Bouloie in Gaffiot residence hall. It hosts companies, professional, amateur and student artists for different cultural and artistic projects, e.g., staging, writing, workshops, etc.


Located at the heart of the campus, it offers a wide range of programmes overseen by the culture service of the Crous BFC, dealing with all facets of live shows. The culture department receives and helps the projects in residence of emerging regional and student theater companies to offer them a place dedicated to creation and rehearsals adapted to their needs.


This café is located downtown, at the foot of the cité Canot. It hosts concerts organised by the culture department of the Crous BFC, as well as events developed in partnership with student associations.


  • The théâtre MANSART

The théâtre MANSART is located on Dijon campus and overseen by the culture department of the Crous BFC. It is dedicated to thinking, working, creating, and sharing, and aimed at student associations. Numerous young artists and young theater companies, stakeholders of the regional cultural life, find opportunities for residence and meetings at the théâtre Mansart. A link is building up between the town and the campus to make Mansart a space of novel expression.

  • The atheneum

Located at the heart of Dijon campus, the atheneum is the cultural centre of the Université de Bourgogne. It is dedicated to creation and research, transmission, debates, experimentation and sensitization to art and culture. Strongly anchored around contemporary creation, it is one of the places for making student or professional creations visible, and a working space for artists who can go there to develop projects with students and lecturers-researchers. Dance or theater shows, exhibitions, concerts, colloquiums, workshops, a scientific and technical culture forum are on the agenda every season. These events are as many finds for students and the general public.

Scientific culture events

  • The science festival

The science festival is a great popular and scientific event organised every year at a national scale and in Bourgogne – Franche-Comté.

  • European researcher’s night

This event is organised every year. It offers any one of us the opportunity to meet researchers, take part to true scientific experiments and surprising activities.

  • The art – science biennial

The art-science biennial initiates meetings between higher-education stakeholders of Bourgogne – Franche-Comté and the civil society. Each edition has a different theme. The biennial offers perspectives at the crossroads of arts and sciences, under different operating modes that allow the sharing of approaches, experiments and different views of the world. During this event, the general public can get to grips with the scientific themes of UBFC institutions.

Student radios

Different student radios are on the air:

It is the web radio of students living in the urban area of Belfort-Montbéliard. It is dedicated to the promotion of local groups and local/student initiatives. It has regular topical programmes and live event broadcasts.

Radio campus Besançon is an essential medium of musical, cultural and student information, whose programmes reflect a great interest in present-day music. It also has topical programmes, reports, and leads actions in various fields.

The editorial policy of Radio Dijon is centered around two main topics, i.e., emerging cultures and a critical eye. It is located at the heart of Dijon university campus, in the atheneum cultural centre.