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Master BDEEM

Behavioral and Digital Economics for Effective Management

A program to train future leaders and academics in economics and management to a high level of expertise in the intersection between applied economics, management, behavioral tools and digital technologies.

Outline of the program

A highly specialized and interdisciplinary Master’s degree program, in complete connection with applied research in behavioral economics developed at UBFC.

  • Develop the skills to evaluate research findings and to relate them to practical applications and solutions.
  • Be able to identify and mobilize the relevant tools in an organizational and/or operational context.
  • Be able to identify and understand the data required and approaches necessary to uncover and support behavioral solutions to a problem.

Program description  

The BDEEM Master’s program is a consecutive four-semester International Specialized Master of Science (M.Sc.) degree program taught in English.

It offers students a unique and future-oriented program structure in France with a specific behavioral and digital orientation.

This Master is taught by scientists and researchers teaching modules in complete connection with their own research in the field: all researchers in behavioral economics, information and communication technologies (ICT) and information systems (IS), as well as management from Université Bourgogne Franche-Comté (UBFC). They are currently working in the CRESE research department at the University of Franche-Comté (UFC) and CREGO research department and the IAE (business department) at the University of Burgundy (UB).

The Master collaborates with corporate partners applying behavioral and digital tools in management. It also offers students the possibility of a semester abroad with distinguished foreign universities.


Semesters 1 and 2 (at the University of Franche-Comté, Besançon) integrate main elements of economics, competition policy, public policy, industrial organization with a focus on the contribution of behavioral economics. They include studies in:

  • Statistics and Data Analysis
  • Public policy
  • Economics and finance
  • Game theory

Semesters 3 and 4 (at IAE Dijon) integrate main tools and theories in management with a particular focus on Consumer psychology and Business Intelligence, taking into account the impact of behavior in decision-making.

During their 2nd and 4th semester, students are required to participate in internships and write their Master’s thesis (written individually under a researcher’s supervision) about a relevant topic in one of the participating research departments.

All course formats are highly interactive and will be partly conducted as so called « project courses » in collaboration with companies.

Some courses will mainly be conducted using experimental economics games and infrastructures by researchers of the team.

Pedagogical approach emphasizes connections with the corporate world (courses taught by professionals, mandatory work placements, consulting projects, etc.).   

Entry requirements   

The main goal is to attract highly talented and ambitious French students from UBFC, as well as students from all over the world with a background in science, business, social sciences, economics, finance, political science, psychology, sociology, neuroscience, computer science or other integrated programs. The Master will benefit from international agreements with foreign universities of the UFC and the UB-IAE.

Applicants must hold a Bachelor’s Degree or License (180 ECTS) in science (mathematics, computer science, engineering, statistics and data analysis etc…), in economics and management, or other human sciences.

The application file must have:

  • A detailed CV
  • Diplomas with individual marks in different studied courses
  • A cover letter and possibly a recommendation letter

Candidates for whom English is not their mother tongue must have a good level in written and oral English (courses and exams are in English).

Such a document is not necessary for candidates for whom English is their mother tongue, or who have validated a minimum of one semester in English during their Bachelor of Science. However, in both cases, the candidates must absolutely mention it in their application.

Candidates should also preferably have a basic level in French.

Several criteria will be taken into account for the selection:

  • diplomas and grades,
  • a strong interest for the sector adds value to your file. This interest can be shown by an experience in this field (internship, project, and experiences) and/or explained in the cover letter. This will be even more important if you are planning to resume your studies or change your field of study,
  • the professional project.

Candidates might be invited to an interview with the heads of the Master.

Future career prospects   

The BDEEM Master provides its graduates with various career perspectives in management, as well as in all industries extensively using digital technologies and in need of behavioral tools but also in academia.

It allows students to benefit from an internship placement support, a mentoring program, and numerous services support.

The graduates will act in jobs such as global strategists, analysts in counselling companies, chiefs in marketing services, management consultants, government officials, economists in banks and financial organizations, human resources managers, etc. They can also do a PhD in Economics or in Applied Economics and Management.

Contacts :

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François COCHARD
(+33) 3 81 66 67 76

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