Institute for Research on the Economics of Education - COMUE Université Bourgogne-Franche-Comté

Institute for Research on the Economics of Education

Created in 1972 by Professor Jean-Claude Eicher, IREDU’s research is focused on issues of efficiency and equity in education. Based on theoretical approaches in economics and sociology and a methodological specialization in quantitative analysis, the laboratory is particularly interested in the way in which educational systems can be analyzed, assessed and regulated. The objective is to question their internal (within the school) and external (on the value of the school on the labor market) efficiency, but also to understand how inequalities are structured, before, during and after school.

The current scientific project of the IREDU is structured around two thematic areas:
– the social and academic conditions of success at school and university
– the pathways to guidance, integration and the links between training and employment.

The laboratory is scientifically attached to the HCERES section of educational sciences and administratively attached to the INSPE of the Université de Bourgogne. It is also a Regional Associate Center of CEREQ and develops with CEREQ and its network, research work on the training-employment relationship at the regional, national and international levels.