Centre Pluridisciplinaire Textes et Cultures - COMUE Université Bourgogne Franche-Comté

Centre Pluridisciplinaire Textes et Cultures

The laboratory called Centre Pluridisciplinaire Textes et Cultures (CPTC) is a group of researchers working in four disciplines: French literature, comparative literature, language sciences and ancient sciences. Its headquarter is at the following address: 4, boulevard Gabriel, UFR de Lettres et Philosophie, 21 000 Dijon, on the fourth floor, door 429 . The disciplinary fields of this laboratory are all in the human sciences, the latter being called to study realities and phenomena not (immediately) related to the industrial, technological and economic aspects of human life. CPTC’s scientific activities converge on literary and linguistic domains where language becomes and remains an indicator common to all creations: the language that gives birth to writing (literature) and the language that submits to several analysis. The linguist Marc Baratin wrote in one of his works: “Whoever dominates words dominates the world”. If the natural sciences, popularly called hard sciences, exercise their sagacity on molecules, particles, atoms and other “concrete” substances, the literary and linguistic disciplines, in turn, dissect the social, spiritual, linguistic, cognitive and of our lives. CPTC welcomes researchers interested in a large number of concepts that are all factors explaining the particularities of our species and that make it unique in the animal kingdom: cultures, texts, speeches, diversity of languages, arts, representations, symbols, history, consciousness, language faculty, etc.