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Master T2MC

Transition Metals in Molecular Chemistry

Outline of the program

The “Transition Metals in Molecular Chemistry” (T2MC) Master Program provides a high-level education in Molecular Chemistry. It distinguishes itself from the National and European training offers by emphasizing on Transition Metal Chemistry and its applications. The learning and teaching approaches are attractive since they will provide students with solid skills in Molecular Chemistry while illustrating how this knowledge may be used for example to reduce the ecological impact of a synthesis process or to contribute to the development of medical imaging. Also, T2MC is implementing further a driving policy to open up internationally : for instance each year a strong partnership with UCT Prague allows 3-4 students to get a double degree.    

Program description

There is a strong need for qualified chemists (Graduates, Undergraduates) to support activities in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, one leading industrial segment. ICMUB and UTINAM laboratories at UBFC in Dijon and Besançon develop research activities in line with such industry relevant chemistries. The T2MC Master program is based on research activities developed at ICMUB and UTINAM, such as medical and molecular imaging and sustainable development. T2MC Master program focuses on the delivery of up-to-date skills in these main facets of chemistry with a special emphasis given on transition metals.    

A series of courses will be taught in the main fields of chemistry, from organic, inorganic and bio-inorganic chemistries, analytical chemistry, spectroscopy, electrochemistry, molecular modelling. More specific courses will be taught in electrosynthesis, metals in biology and coordination chemistry, reaction mechanism and molecular modelling, catalysis in specific /non-specific media, molecular nanomaterials, labelling of molecules for medical imaging. Throughout the Master program, transversal courses will be given such as, project management, innovation and communication, visiting industries and having lectures given by people from the industry. Moreover, tutored project and two 3-6-month internships in research projects, both inside/outside ICMUB, will be part of the T2MC curriculum.

Future career prospects

Master T2MC aims at preparing top level molecular chemists. The courses rely on a strong background in multidisciplinary chemistry (organic, inorganic, analytical, theoretic, and of materials) and focuses on fine chemistry with an accent on transition metal chemistry. The formal knowledge is highlighted by various practical examples related to transition metal chemistry applications. Graduate students will be suitable candidates for positions in companies, such as research, R&D engineer or manager position, project leader, product manager, technical salesman or consulting, production manager. The field of activity may be very wide: pharmaceutical industry, petrochemicals, and agrochemicals of course, but also all companies using chemistry (e.g. automotive, aeronautic, or energy sector, environmental protection…). This Master is oriented towards research, and students will be well prepared to pursue their studies with a PhD position in high-level international labs, which may open the door to either academic careers (lecturer, researcher, professor…) or top-skilled positions in industry. The possibility to get a doctorate is particularly interesting for applying to research positions outside France. The broad scope of job market opened by the T2MC Master enables to apply for worldwide positions (numerous former PhD students trained in our two laboratories are currently employed abroad, including USA and Canada). Moreover, Dijon is ideally positioned: close to Germany and Switzerland, which are two of the leading-countries in chemistry around the world.   

Student profile

Students eligible to the Master T2MC program must have obtained a degree equivalent to or higher than a Bachelor of Science. Background knowledge in general chemistry, molecular synthesis, and spectrometry is mandatory. Candidates must have very good academic qualifications and a very good practice of English.   

Double degree

T2MC gives the opportunity to 3-4 students to obtain a double degree (Master degree of Université Bourgogne Franche – Comté + Master degree of UCT Prague). The selected students will perform their first year of Master in UCT Prague and the second year of Master in Université Bourgogne Franche–Comté in Dijon.   


Several scholarships will be awarded each year to high quality students.

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