The Academic Council - COMUE Université Bourgogne Franche-Comté

The Academic Council

Composition and role

The Academic Council (AC) is presided over by Mr. Dominique GREVEY, and composed of 79 members:

  • 60 elected members
  • 7 designated persons from UBFC member institutions
  • 12 external figures.

The Academic Council has advisory capacity as regards the competences transferred to UBFC, as defined in article L712-6-1 of the Code of education.

The keystone of its action is the structuring and consolidation of the links between research, training and valorisation. It provides recommendations about the shared project and the common section of the multi-annual contract mentioned in articles L.718-2 and L718-5 of that same code. It can create commissions to work on its recommendations. Its competences are defined in article 15 of the UBFC statutes.

  • Mrs. Gaelle ARVISENET
  • Mrs. Jeanna BALLENEGGER
  • Mr. Philippe BARRAL
  • Mrs. Hélène CELLE JEANTON
  • Mr. Didier CHAMAGNE
  • Mr. Patrick CHARLOT
  • Mrs. Catherine CREUZOT-GARCHER
  • Mr. Stéphane GALLAND
  • Mrs. Corine GIRARD
  • Mrs. Leila LANKARANI
  • Mrs. Sabine LEFEBVRE
  • Mr. Pierre-Yves LOUIS
  • Mr. Fabrice MARTIN
  • Mrs. Nadine MILLOT
  • Mr. Morvan OUISSE
  • Mrs. Nadine PIAT
  • Mrs. Catherine QUANTIN
  • Mr. Jean VIGREUX
  • Mr. Pierre ANDREOLETTI
  • Mr. Oussama  BARAKAT
  • Mr. Arnaud BEDUNEAU
  • Mr. Jérôme BELLENGER
  • Mr. Gilles BRACHOTTE
  • Mr. Jihad EL NABOULSI
  • Mrs. Florence LANCIEN
  • Mrs. Sandrine LANQUETIN
  • Mrs. Elsa MARTIN
  • Mrs. Corinne NOUVEAU
  • Mrs. Christine PEYRON
  • Mr. Laurent PICHON
  • Mr. Nicolas RATIER
  • Mrs. Violaine RETEL-GUICHEBERT
  • Mrs. Bénédicte REY
  • Mrs. Gaelle ROUDAUT
  • Mrs. Elena SANCHEZ
  • Mr. Bruno SAUSSEREAU
  • Mrs. Michaele HERBST
  • Mrs. Virginie KILANI
  • Mrs. Evelyne LUNATI
  • Mr. Gérard MICHEL
  • Mr. Arnaud MUTUEL
  • Mr. Valéry PLANTARD
  • Mr. Jean-Yves RAUCH
  • Mrs. Branka RUPIC
  • Mr. Christophe VERDY

There was no list for this college in the election. The vote is postponed to a later date, which will be fixed after consultation with the electoral advisory committee of UBFC.

  • Mrs. Louise BOUCHE
  • Mr. Hadrien KARNETH
  • Mrs. Chloé LEMOINE
  • Mr. Charles LEFEBVRE
    • Alternate members : Mrs. Charlotte SUBTIL, Mr. Louis OCTOBON, Mrs. Laurine GEORGES, Mr.Valentin LABAUNE
  • Mr. Alexandre ABOUSSOUFIAN
  • Mrs. Wiam BAMA
  • Mr. Emile PINARDIN
    • Alternate members : Mrs. Océane BOURDEJEAU, Mr. Goran DA COSTA et Mrs. Solène MOUSQUE
  • Mr. Paul-Hadrien BARRAUD
  • Mrs. Solène LAMIT
    • Alternate members : Mr. Aurélien DELIN et Mrs. Ursule SCHROETER

To be announced